Woodside, Utah

Investment Overview

The property is on both sides of the Price River along Hwy 6. Approximately 40 miles SE of Price Utah and 78 miles South to Moab, Utah. Woodside sits along Route 6 in Emery County, surrounded by the Book Cliffs -- desert mountains given their name because of the area topography that looks like book shelves. The town itself is flat, surrounded by brush and bisected by the Price River.

  • Entire City Development Opportunity
  • 700 + acres
  • 50-acres on Hwy 6
  • Cold Water Geyser (a rare spectacle)
  • You can be the mayor, the postmaster, the sheriff and the judge
  • Own a piece of historical Americana





The Woodside Geyser is one a very few geysers in the world. Between 1909 and 1970 it was a thriving tourist attraction. Shown here with a restaurant and gift shop, it attracted visitors from all over the world.

Although the geyser would need restoration to be the attraction it was, it is still world famous and people come from all over to see it.

With some investment and imagination it could again be a thriving tourist attraction.

Fiber Optic Hub on property

The Governor of Utah is offering numerous incentives for New Start-up Companies, or Companies looking to Relocate.

The construction of a Nuclear Power Plant in Green River (Blue Castle and Westinghouse) just 20 miles south on hwy 6/191, with speculation of 4,000 construction workers.

 Rock River Resources has announced plans to develop a state-of-the-art crude processing plant and storage and logistics rail terminaling facility in Green River, Utah, with a capital investment of over $230 million, which has the goal of providing a long-term viable refining option in the region.

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